Imagine if we could place ourselves 100 years from now and still have access to photos shared by millions of people on Flickr…

We’re working on it.

Flickr has grown into one of the biggest photo collections on Earth. It contains tens of billions of images from people all over the world, and keeps growing every day.

That’s why we’ve created the Flickr Foundation—an independent, community-focused organization. We’re committed to stewarding this cultural treasure for future generations, and fostering a visual commons we can all enjoy.

Our programs

We’re a foundation that makes things. Our nascent programs are getting set up to explore past, present, and future, streamline tools, make toys, and challenge traditional methods.

Flickr Commons

Our flagship program, the Flickr Commons is a unique collection of historical photography from over 100 cultural institutions from all around the world, all with no known copyright restrictions.

Content Mobility

Investigating the life of a photo before it comes to Flickr, what happens while it’s on the platform, and where it might travel once it moves to its next destination.

Creative Archives

How might we approach this massive digital archive with fresh 21st century tactics to ensure its longevity? What can we do differently?

New Curators

Flickr is already full of curation, in albums, galleries, using tags, or sharing in groups. What can social cataloguing bring? Can machines curate?