Work with us

This isn’t a move-fast-and-break-things shop. It’s more like starting things and long journeys.

The Flickr Foundation has been established to ensure photos on Flickr today can be seen in 100 years.

We will be working in public enjoying global partnerships around a vast photography collection held in consumer-grade technology. Each member of the team will be a big part of creating a discursive, malleable, and exciting workplace brimming with ideas and experiments.

Building the first team

These early years are crucial for cultivating a pleasant, diverse and productive group. Expect research, making, mentorship, sharing progress, and setting a course to outlast us all.

We are seeking scrappy-but-thorough multi-faceted individuals who are all able to think big while doing detailed work. We must be generous on all fronts—but not overworked!—comfortable with strategy iteration, and above all, welcoming of different perspectives.

We’re building a base in London, UK, so would prefer folks could work there. But, we’re open to a hybrid team, flexible working, and part-time positions depending on how the group comes together.


We are continuing to build the team steadily in 2024. We will always send out new job ads via the mailing list, which you can join at the bottom of this page.


Develop archival rigour within the Foundation. Prepare for larger digital preservation efforts. Excellent digital literacy required.

Now recruiting!

Program Manager

Big picture with a magnifying glass. Co-design and manage across Foundation programs. Guide team efforts.

Coming soon.

WordPress Wrangler

Contract position. We need a WP expert to help get our editing environment the way we like it.

Please contact us if you’re this person!