New Curators

We don’t mind if curators are humans or machines.

About the program

The New Curators program aims to find and support curators with different voices, priorities, and points of view as they interrogate and reflect upon this enormous collection. Curation will be a integral piece of keeping this vast collection accessible as we look into the future. 

There’s a ton of curation happening on Flickr already and it’s been that way since it started in 2004. The core features for each Flickr member include:

  • Using tags, descriptions, albums,
  • Adding photos to a map,
  • Groups to share photos around common interests,
  • Galleries to curate other people’s pictures,
  • Contents of EXIF data.

Current project

Possible future projects?

A potential direction, as indicated in our research conducted in 2021, is find more complex historical perspectives and rectify colonial and racist histories. We would also like to support work that addresses potential harms around open content, hopefully supporting the great work happening in initiatives like Local Contexts, Wiki Loves Women, and Whose Knowledge?.