Content Mobility

It’s always been easy to get photos in and out of Flickr. This program is about making tools and toys for culture workers, geeks, and researchers.

About the program

Early work will likely comprise R&D around Flickr as a waypoint in digital heritage workflows. Hoping to support productivity and happiness of culture workers, especially at little institutions.

The content mobility program will explore the life of a photograph and its metadata in three stages:

  1. Coming into Flickr: Build integrations with contemporary tools and technologies Flickr Commons members are already using. Streamline engagement and publishing capacity.
  2. On Flickr: Create facilities for Commons members to better understand activity on Flickr. Develop better tools for volunteer researchers.
  3. After leaving Flickr: Research and analyse where photos go after they’ve joined Flickr Commons. Investigate ongoing metadata/licensing accuracy and stability. Make new methods to understand the trails Flickr photos make across the web.

Current projects