Introducing the new

Take a tour of the work we've done to establish

A man standing on top of some dissassembled furniture inside a warehouse full of such furtniture

Sorting a millions-of-things pile

We've decided to create a Collection Development Policy for Flickr Commons.

engraving image from a book showing a number of devices used in bloodletting.

Is a photo of a drawing a drawing or a photo?

Image classification is an old problem.

When past meets predictive

Working ‘field notes’ as a snapshot in time facing computed image generation.

Our reflections about Image Generators

“What would happen if we used AI image generators to recreate The Family of Man?”

Exploring Generated Imagery

Using the 1955 MoMA exhibition, The Family of Man, as our inspiration, we've created an exploration and time capsule to represent the state of generative AI today.

Screenshot of an old map on a newer map

British Library & Flickr Commons

Learn about some great examples of community contributions to the British Library's Flickr Commons account

"A Generated Family of Man"

Hear a progress report from Juwon on her development of a synthetic "The Family of Man" collection.

A woman operating a drill as she assembles part of an airplane

Flickypedia: Our Partnership with Wikimedia Commons

Extending and expanding the Flickr2Commons tool in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Who is The Family of Man?

Visualizing data of a 1955 exhibition

Maya Osaka reports on her findings about The Family of Man

A Flickr of Humanity: First project in the New Curators program

Behind the scenes of creating V2 of A Flickr of Humanity.

Bowling team and their trophies
The team is growing…

Welcome, Jessamyn!

Flickr Commons gets a new Community Manager

Notes from the 100-year plan workshop in Edinburgh

Why are we doing this?

Hear from Ben MacAskill about why SmugMug + Flickr decided to create the Flickr Foundation.