UNESCO Mondiacult 2022: Side event in Brussels

Cooperatives are Key Stakeholders in advancing SDGs through Culture and Creative Sectors

Read more about the overall UNESCO Mondiacult 2022 conference, explore the program, or check out the other side events happening all over the world alongside the main conference in Mexico City.

Given Flickr has been described as a world heritage site and is also arguably a gigantic store of intangible world heritage, we’re excited to join the global discussion about how culture is a global public good.

UNESCO has published a new report about this: Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity: Addressing Culture as a Public Good at the Mondiacult 2022 conference. Here’s the executive summary.

From the conference program:

The session will highlight cooperatives’ current transformative action as well as future contributions to policy initiatives regarding SDGs, particularly through safeguarding cultural heritage and protecting stakeholder interests in the creative sectors. The premise for this side-event organized by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)is the 2016 inscription of the cooperative idea and practice into the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The main aim will be to demonstrate how cooperatives, guided by their universal values and seven principles, are advancing sustainable development through culture and creativity and to bring cooperatives closer to policy makers and strengthen their mutual relationship.

The session will provide specific examples how cooperatives are safeguarding cultural heritage on one hand, while also offering rapidly evolving solutions for the 21st century’s creative economy.

We’re excited that flickr.org is in conversations like this!